As a member of The Goodness Project, you can get donated goods like school supplies, diapers, toys, furniture, clothes, computers, and more delivered right to your organization.

By leveraging our 20-year track record, deep logistics expertise, and strong relationships, we can source and distribute a wide variety of highly needed items.

The Goodness Project helps our partners save money so they can increase their impact and do even more good.

Whether meeting day-to-day needs or helping in disaster recovery, we deliver goods that transform lives and provide hope to those in need.

DISCLAIMER: We deeply appreciate your support and donations to TGP. However, we are unable to refund donations made on line. Thanks again for your support and helping families in need.


  • The name of your organization.
  • This number can be your best guess number.
  • This number can be your best guess number.
  • At this time items may NOT be sold resale.
  • Transportation, volunteers, not enough items to choose from, etc.?


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