Outreach Together

When you plan an outreach in your city or in another country, we assist you by providing a strategic plan, essential supplies, and volunteer training. Whether you need resources or help with packaging, distribution, and follow-up, we are here to serve you.


Better Together

As a leader in product resourcing and purposeful giving, we collaborate with other nonprofit organizations who distribute needed resources to families in crisis. We value relationships that increase our efficiency and effectiveness. When you join us, we help you expand your reach and increase your impact to meet the needs of your community.



Targeting massive essential resources to those who need them most.

We provide help and hope to families in crisis by sourcing and distributing a wide variety of needed items to those grappling with difficult life challenges. Whether people in your city are facing natural disasters, poverty, hardship, or social issues, we equip you with life-sustaining tools, strategic plans, and outreach events that transform lives. Our team develops and implements strategies while working with community leaders to assure vital resources get into the hands of children, widows, single moms, and families facing crisis.


The heart of The Goodness Project


We are international

Brantford is a city not far from Toronto, where over six million people reside, and the location of our main distribution center in Canada. We collaborate with churches, city officials, and volunteers to supply, package, and distribute vital resources to families in crisis in the GTA and surrounding cities. The Goodness Project provides vital resources for children, single moms, the elderly and families facing crisis.


The Goodness Project is expanding to Israel

The Goodness Project is broadening its reach to rescue and restore families and children in Israel, which has the highest poverty rate of any country in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). We are partnering with several organizations on the ground in Israel and strategically working with government to supply resources to the poorest areas.

We also plan to meet the needs of the children and families closest to the Gaza border, who have only 15 seconds to get to shelter once missiles are fired. These children live in a traumatic environment due to the constant threat of war. The Goodness Project wants to provide hope and ways for them to cope. We are collaborating with counselors and people on the ground to provide music therapy, art, and deliver things like teddy bears and toys that will help the children recover from the trauma. There are more than one million Israelis who cannot make ends meet and over 814,000 children who live in poverty — and the Goodness Project is there to help.


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